Incidents/Facts Regarding Yemenia Airlines

[NLT] — Here is a brief look at incidents involving Yemenia Airlines:

June 30, 2009
An Airbus A310 crashes off the Grand Comore coast after a flight from Yemen, only a 14-year-old girl is reported alive. Another 152 passengers are killed.

It’s the worst aviation disaster in Comoron history, the 9th such accident involving an Airbus A310.

August 1, 2001
A Boeing 727 lands on a rain-soaked runway. After touchdown, the plane crashes into a concrete barrier, collapsing it’s nose gear. Everyone on board escapes injury, the aircraft is written off.

January 22, 2001
An Iraqi man hijacks Yemenia flight 448 en-route to Djibouti armed with a pen gun and claims of explosives stashed in his briefcase. The hijacker demands to be taken to Baghdad. After diverting to Djibouti for refueling, the flight crew overpower the hijacker, ending the hijacking attempt.

June 26, 2000
Boeing 727 [70-ACQ] overshoots runway at Khartoum International Airport in Sudan. Flight crew land safely, no one is hurt. The nose gear collapses as it hit obstuctions.

Source: Aviation Safety Network


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