Recent Tupolev 154 Incidents

TORONTO [Peter Paul Media] — A brief look at previous incidents involving the Soviet/Russian-made Tupolev 154 passenger jet:

Sep. 30, 1974
Malex Hungarian Airlines jet crashes into the sea while approaching Beirut, the ILS [Instrument Landing System] was inoperative during the crash, causing the pilots to misjudge their approach. A total of 60 people are killed.

Jul. 7, 1980
Two minutes after takeoff from Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, en route to the Ukraine, the plane enters a high temperature zone causing its airspeed to drop. The plane stalls and nose-dives into a field near Alma-Ata suburbs. A total of 163 people are killed.

Oct. 11, 1984
After touching down at Omsk airport in Russia, the plane crashes into vehicles on the runway, killing 179 people. The ground controller fell asleep and failed to notify the flight crew that there were vehicles on the runway.

Jul. 10, 1985
A Tupolev jetliner operated by Aeroflot crashes after the pilots mistake warnings in the cockpit for an engine flame-out, the warnings were indicating low airspeed. The pilots, therefore, reduced the throttle, causing the jet to nose-dive and crash.

200 people were killed.

Feb. 8, 1993
Tupolev jetliner operated by Iran Air Tours crashes into an Iranian Air Force Sukhoi F-22 in mid-air at Khoram-Dareh Airport in Iran, killing 131 people.

Jan. 3, 1994
Engine and hydraulic problems cause a crash into farm buildings in Mamony, Russia, killing 125 people.

Feb. 12, 2002
Iran Air Tours jet crashes into a mountain on final approach to Khorramabad Airport in Iran, 119 people are killed. The landing lights were switched off due to the reflection against the heavy rain.

Sep. 1, 2006
Iran Air Tours jet crashes after landing at Mashad Airport in Iran and catches fire, 28 people are killed.

Jul. 15, 2009
Caspian Airlines jetliner crashes shortly after takeoff, killing 168 people.

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