UPDATE: Felipe Massa’s Condition “Stable”

[PeterPaul.ca] — Hours after surgery, the condition of Formula One driver Felipe Massa has been upgraded to “stable,” Ferrari Motor Sport said Sunday.

“Felipe Massa’s condition remains stable and there were no further complications through the night,” the statement said. A CT scan performed early Sunday was positive and Massa remains in an intensive care unit at the AEK hospital in Budapest, Hungary’s capital. Ferrari said that Massa was “awake for some time” on Sunday.

The Saturday crash was triggered “when the spring from the third damper on Rubens Barrichello’s Brawn came loose,” Ferrrari said. After coming loose, it hit Massa’s Ferrari F60 in the front cockpit area, then struck the cockpit’s side protection, which was fitted with special foam to protect against high-speed impacts. It then hit the left side of Massa’s helmet, causing him to crash during turn four at the Q2 qualifying round of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Massa was just behind Barrichello when the piece of debris flew off the car ahead.

Lewis Hamilton brought the first victory home to his McLaren team during Sunday’s Grand Prix in Hungary.


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