Thunderstorms, rain, lash Toronto

Flights pile up at Pearson after delays
Power lines disabled across the city

TORONTO [] — Severe thunderstorms and rain blanketed the city late Sunday after a somewhat muggy day for those out mingling in the city.

Environment Canada issued a weather warning shortly after 8 p.m. warning of “thunderstorms with intense lightning” and “a risk of a tornado.”

Minutes later, rain and lightning converged in the skies above the city, stranding thousands and causing temporary havoc on the 400-series highways.

A downed tree in the eastbound lanes of Highway 401 near Salem Road blocked all but one lane.

Power outages were reported across the city, including Pearson International Airport.

Air traffic controllers sent text messages to departing and approaching aircraft as voice communications were blacked out due to the power loss.

A short time later, backup generators were initiated and diverted aircraft made their way to Pearson Airport completing their delayed, but safe, journeys.


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