TTC smoking fines to increase

TORONTO [] — Starting Monday, you’d better wait until you get off TTC property to light up a smoke.

Effective October 12, the fine for smoking on TTC property will increase from $95 dollars to $195 dollars plus an additional victim fine surcharge of $35, the TTC announced Thursday.

Smoking, one of the top offences occurring on TTC property, continues to be a problem, even with all the signage on bus platforms and inside every station. Smoking is the commission’s by-law number one.

A man, who asked to be identified as “Kevin”, was recently asked why he chooses to defy all the signs and warnings about smoking on the TTC’s property. “As you can see, I‘m totally out of view of anyone and to top it all off, I‘ve had a very stressful day,” he told me Friday.

If caught, his day will get only more stressful.

“I don‘t care about them,” Kevin said.

“Why don‘t they chase all the people skipping on their fares, and forget the smokers.”


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