Ruby Chinese Restaurant closed permanently

TORONTO [] — Ruby Chinese Restaurant at 1571 Sandhurst Circle has officially declared bankruptcy and will close permanently following a salmonella outbreak that was linked to one death, Toronto Public Health confirmed Tuesday.

The Globe and Mail reported that the restaurant was evicted for a failure to pay rent, a legal notice posted on the door of the establishment said.

A press conference scheduled for Ruby Chinese Restaurant was cancelled on Friday.

On Sunday, patrons stood outside expecting the restaurants opening, one loyalist told the Toronto Star proudly, “Jean Chrétien ate here.”

The public health agency, which closed the restaurant on October 7 following a number of violations under the Food Premises Regulation under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, is continuing their investigation into the salmonella outbreak.

“At this time, there are 23 lab-confirmed cases of salmonella and 29 additional probable cases. Three of these cases were hospitalized and one elderly man who was a probable case has died. The total number of cases is 52,” a public health fact sheet said.

The pubic health agency said the period of exposure was from September 12 to September 20. Food test samples conducted after September 20 found no traces of salmonella and no new cases were identified beyond this date.

Toronto Public Health statistics say one in six Torontonians contract a food-borne illness every year.


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