Staying Safe 2020

[Peter Paul Media] — You can never be too safe.

Below are some tips to keep you and your loved ones safe.


  • Make sure all exterior doors have reliable locks.
  • In daylight hours, make sure your home has clear sight lines from the street. At night, use motion-activated energy-efficient LED bulbs. Remove excess shrubbery or trees that are obstructing views.
  • Routine checks of fire, CO detectors for function and battery power should be done every three months at minimum.
  • Install surveillance cameras, which are very affordable nowadays. These can be viewed remotely from basically anywhere in the world and will send you an alert if motion is triggered. You can also consider a smart door bell with camera.
  • Do not store heavy objects around your home.
  • Do a quick walk around inside before going to bed, making sure doors and windows are secured.


  • Keep alert of the 360° around you, not just your immediate surroundings. Walk with a purpose, like nobody can mess with you kind of purpose.
  • If your looking out for someone like a child or your significant other, always stay behind them so you can get a good view of any threats or dangers. This will also give you valuable seconds.
  • Never use your phone in a situation where you should be alert, looking up.
  • If using headphones, always keep the volume lower than the environment.
  • Avoid dark colours at night, you will not be visible to vehicles.
  • Keep valuables hidden if you feel unsafe in the area you are in.
  • Lock your phone in the event it gets lost or stolen.
  • Use caution when rendering assistance. Assess the scene and individuals before you step in and enter a situation. Never compromise your own safety. Have bystanders assist when possible.


  • Pay attention at all times and do not use any hand-held devices.
  • It takes milliseconds to change your life forever.
  • Invest in a dash cam, also very affordable nowadays.
  • Stay in your vehicle at all times if there are signs of trouble, doors locked.
  • No one is allowed to enter your vehicle without your consent.
  • If you feel threatened, call 9-1-1 in an emergency only.
  • Toronto Non-Emergency is 416-808-2222.


  • Stay alert and don’t look too touristy.
  • Keep all your belongings with you during trips to unfamiliar places.
  • Do not leave valuables in your hotel room when you are not there.
  • Keep a list of important phone numbers with you.
  • Copy your passport/itinerary and leave copies with a loved one at home.
  • Sign up for Registration of Canadians Abroad, a free service.
  • Create the illusion that your home is occupied.

“I worked in the security industry for five years, rising up the ranks while learning priceless lessons and tactics related to physical safety and security. During my time in the industry, I worked with Toronto Police, Fire and Medics while learning how to manage emergencies, solve crime and render first aid.”

“These valuable lessons help me up to this day and I pass them on to everybody I know. We need to be on the lookout nowadays not just for ourselves but our neighbours, all the time.

— Peter Paul


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