Toronto’s home for the rich and famous still breaking records

THE BRIDLE PATH, Toronto [Peter Paul Media] — The properties in this neighbourhood have been home to many famous personalities both past and present. Amid a pandemic, you can take a socially-distant joy ride, walk or even the TTC through the city’s most famous neighbourhood.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic last year that brought global business to a standstill, The Globe and Mail said combined luxury home sales in Toronto hit record numbers in 2020 with 1,000+ homes sold with sales up by 30%.

Some of those sales were on The Bridle Path located west of Leslie Street and off Lawrence Avenue East. You can walk or drive in a circle around the entire area via The Bridle Path, Post Road, Park Lane Circle and then back to Lawrence Ave. Map

On a cool, unusually slow Saturday night in the city, we took a drive out to The Bridle Path known as millionaires row. Numerous, super-modern homes with vast properties take your breath away. The properties are worth an average of just over $2 million for a single-family home, NARCITY reported.

Christmas lights still glowed amid quiet streets and beautiful sightlines.

The late, award-winning artist Prince recently owned a property here in the early 2000s with his then wife Manuela Testolini. In 2016, we exclusively reported on his former estate that was on the market at the time. The massive home had 10 bathrooms, three bedrooms, a tennis court and an award-wining swimming pool at the time with over 14,000 square feet of living space.

Celebrities, engineers, and doctors have owned Bridle Path properties including media mogul Moses Znaimer and Canadian businessman Robert Herjavec. One of the most famous properties on The Bridle Path is #68. This home has hosted former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Jane Fonda in the past. It has also been featured on the TV show Suits more recently.

Numerous properties are currently listed for sale according to Barry Cohen Homes. #71 is on the market for $32 million while the cheapest home on The Bridle Path will run you about $9.8 million for #205. The six-bedroom at #61 is also on the market with over 14,000 square feet of living space.

Most recently, Toronto rapper Drake moved into the neighbourhood and built a 35,000 square foot mansion after buying a two-acre lot on nearby Park Lane Circle in 2015, the National Post reported. He received an exemption from Toronto to build fences around his property that are higher than the city limits.

The most famous property on Park Lane Circle is #26. This home alone has saw the likes of Richard Nixon, Elton John, Gordon Lightfoot and Margaret Thatcher to name a few. The home was once owned by businessman Conrad Black. Another home, #42, is currently on the market for $18 million on Park Lane Circle.

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