About Us

Peter Paul is a breaking news and security professional.

Peter Paul Media is an extension of him.  We release breaking news updates on Twitter and more detailed content on our website. Expect updates related to breaking news, security tips, crime updates and so much more.

There are a handful of researchers and photographers that contribute to this site and we will hopefully have all the content we want out there by the summer of 2020.

Check back with us regularly!

Paul has many interests including aviation [as a passenger and flight simulator pilot], travel and sports to name a few. He started Peter Paul Media as an idea shortly after September 11, 2001 and launched it officially in 2009.

One of the first breaking news stories we covered was the tragic death of pop star Michael Jackson. On June 25, 2009, we received a report saying the King of Pop had been rushed to hospital in Los Angeles.

As news agencies worked to confirm reports that he had died, we called the Chief Coroner of Los Angeles, Craig Harvey, and he returned our message later on and provided our first-ever scoop/interview. Mr. Harvey later confirmed Jackson’s death saying an autopsy would be performed the following day, another scoop for us.

Since then, Peter Paul Media has developed an influential presence on social media, primarily Twitter. We are followed back by many high-profile accounts like the Associated Press, VARIETY, Getty Images, Daily Mail Online, the CBC, U.S. Central Command, People’s Daily China, the Toronto Raptors and former U.S. President Barack Obama. Our updates reach tens of thousands of people each month, around the world.

Paul also has security experience as both guard and site supervisor, where he learned how to manage conflict, communicate effectively, solve and prevent crime. The valuable lessons he learned will be passed on via Peter Paul Media. Knowledge that you can use to protect yourself and your loved ones.


  • The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Google Digital Garage, 2020
  • Crime Prevention Academy, Peel Regional Police, 2019
  • Information Security Awareness, 2019
  • Counter-Terrorism Awareness, 2019
  • First Aid, AED & CPR Refresher, 2019
  • Effective Communications and Situational Awareness, 2018
  • Criminology and Profiling, International Open Academy, 2016
  • Forensic Science, International Open Academy, 2016
  • Introduction to Social Networking, DeltinaU, 2015
  • Social Media 101: Business Essentials, DeltinaU, 2015
  • Social Media Analyticss Essentials, DeltinaU, 2015
  • WordPress Essentials, DeltinaU, 2015
  • Twitter Essentials, DeltinaU, 2015
  • Facebook Essentials, DeltinaU, 2015
  • Google Plus Essentials, DeltinaU, 2015
  • Crisis Intervention, Paragon Security, 2014
  • First Aid, AED & CPR, 2018
  • Lawful Subject Control, Paragon Security, 2010

“My whole life changed on 9/11. I became more self-aware of things directly around me and, more importantly, what was going on in the world. How could this have happened and what led up to it was the question of the day.”

“At that moment, my global knowledge was at a beginners level at best, caring mostly about work, school and spending time with family and friends. I didn’t know who either Bush or Bin Laden were but things definitely changed, quickly. A light bulb went off in my head that day and has been burning strong ever since.”

“I worked in the security industry for five years, rising up the ranks while learning priceless lessons and tactics related to physical safety and security. During my time in the industry, I worked with Toronto Police, Fire and Medics while learning how to manage emergencies, solve crime and render first aid.”

“These valuable lessons help me up to this day and I pass them on to everybody I know. We need to be on the lookout nowadays not just for ourselves but our neighbours, all the time.”

Updated: January 31, 2020