About Us

Peter Paul was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He has many interests including aviation, travel, sports and covering high-profile events for his website. He started Peter Paul Media as an idea shortly after September 11, 2001 and launched it officially in 2009.

One of the first events we covered was the tragic death of pop star Michael Jackson. On June 25, 2009, we received word that the most famous pop star on Earth had been rushed to hospital in Los Angeles. As news agencies struggled to confirm later reports that he had died, we became one of the first to speak to the Chief Coroner of Los Angeles, who later confirmed Jackson’s death.

Since then, Peter Paul Media has developed an influential presence on social media. Our Twitter account is followed back by many high-profile accounts like the Associated Press, CNN, CBS, Global News Toronto,  Toronto Police and the CBC to name a few. Our updates have up to 95,000 unique impressions in our busy months and thousands at the least.

“My whole life changed on 9/11. I became more self-aware of things directly around me and, more importantly, what was going on in the world. How could this have happened and what led up to it was the question of the day.”

“At that moment, my global knowledge was at a beginners level at best, caring mostly about work, school and spending time with family and friends. I didn’t know who either Bush or Bin Laden were but things definitely changed, quickly. A light bulb went off in my head that day and has been burning strong ever since.”

“My interest in history snowballed in the hours, days and years since 9/11 and now, I am basically obsessed with news. Even though I wasn’t directly affected by the tragic events, it changed my life, personally, forever. My favourite thing nowadays is getting the opportunity to meet and interview influential people and witnessing history.”

Timeline of events we’ve covered:

June 10, 2019: NBA Finals in Toronto, Game 5

March 11, 2019: Boeing 737 MAX 8

August 22, 2018: Freddie McGregor at CNE

March 13, 2017: Neverland Ranch

September 30, 2016: Interview with Peter Mansbridge

August 24, 2016: Luciano at CNE

April 25, 2016: Former Toronto home of Prince up for sale

November 13, 2015: Paris attacks 2.0

October 23, 2015: Final report into MH17

October 15, 2015: Blue Jays “Bat Flip” Game 5 in Toronto

April 28, 2015: Nepal earthquake aftermath

January 7, 2015: Paris under attack

August 3, 2014: Jambana 2014

March 8, 2014: Launch of our new project, MH370Latest

February 17, 2014: First officer hijacks own plane

August 2013: CNE food-borne illness

May 4, 2013: Polymer bank notes unveiled in Canada

March 12, 2013: Papacy empty

March 29, 2011: Death of Rob Ford

May 26, 2010: Violence in Jamaica

March 17, 2010: Polymer bank notes

January 25, 2010: Ethiopian jet crash

January 22, 2010: Canada for Haiti

Decemeber 20, 2009: Brittany Murphy dead at 32

December 17, 2009: Olympic Torch

December 15, 2009: Dreamliner test flight success

December 15, 2009: Maiden flight for Boeing Dreamliner

November 5-7, 2009Royal Visit

July 9, 2009: Steve Fossett final report

June 25, 2009: Michael Jackson dead at 50

January 19, 2009: A visit to the Pentagon

February 14, 2008: Creation of our research project: History Timeline

September 3, 2007 [HeliumNetworks]: UN chief visits Sudan