The World Food Programme in Haiti

[Peter Paul Media] — Following are key developments from the World Food Programme’s [WFP] team on the ground in Haiti:

It has been one week since Haiti was rocked by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake which caused widespread destruction across the country.

Since then, around one million food rations have been delivered to those most in need, the WFP announced Wednesday.

The WFP says that because of a lack of security escorts along with injuries to staff unloading food from WFP warehouses, food deliveries to quake victims in the past two days have been hampered.

“Within the next week, WFP aims to move the equivalent of 10 million ready-to-eat meals so that people whose homes have been destroyed, and who have no access to cooking facilities can feed their families,” said the WFP on its website.

On top of delivering food aid to the millions that need it, the WFP has taken the lead UN logistical role in Haiti.

Since the crisis began, the Port-au-Prince airport has experienced major congestion which hampers aid aircraft and evacuees from departing or arriving in the country. The WFP said it would “ensure that sufficient humanitarian deliveries by air are able to land. We are coordinating closely with the US government and other actors.”

The WFP is working to establish 4 humanitarian hubs which will help deliver food to the capital of Port-au-Prince. Another 30 hubs will be established across the country.

The WFP has already began a shuttle which will ferry key humanitarian workers using the UN’s Humanitarian Air Service from Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic, to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

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