11 people shot over the weekend

TORONTO [Peter Paul Media] — Eleven people were shot in the east-end over the weekend prompting residents to gather in frustration and shock that this would happen within their own, generally quiet communities.

The first shooting occurred late Friday near Danforth Road and Savarin Street just after 11:30 p.m., when two victims made their way to hospital to seek treatment after being shot. Police confirmed this to be a possible drive-by shooting later on.

Two men identified as 30-year old Dwayne Campbell and 33-year-old Rinaldo Cole were shot to death just hours later just after 1 a.m. during a backyard barbeque at 83 Gennela Square near Morningside and Sheppard Ave/s.

Another female victim sustained gunshot injuries and was stable in hospital, Detective Rob North said early Sunday during a news conference just steps from the crime scene.

Forensic Identification Services on scene just across 83 Gennela Square, where two people were shot dead and another injured during a birthday BBQ. Photo by PeterPaul.ca, July 23, 2017.

The conference was also attended by area residents, who spoke openly to multiple media outlets about the tragic event. They also confirmed that owners of the home hold an annual party every year, but without incident until Sunday. “They are very nice and quiet people,” an unidentified resident said. “Totally shocking.”

Det. North revealed that as many as 200 people attended the party but despite that, “I can tell you that we have had very little co-operation from people,” he said. “We have interviewed a small amount of those individuals who were there. Anyone who has not been spoken to, and who was at the party, is being asked to contact us,” he added as media and residents gathered near the scene.

“If you are out walking or working in your backyard, and you see something that may be of interest to the police, contact us at 42 Division,” he added.

No suspect descriptions are available in this case.

Two males were pronounced dead on the scene and another, female victim was transported to a trauma centre. Her condition is stable, as of Sunday morning. Photo by PeterPaul.ca, July 23, 2017.
Homicide Detective Rob North briefs the media and area residents outside 83 Gennela Square, where two people were shot dead and another injured during a birthday BBQ. Photo by PeterPaul.ca, July 23, 2017.

Hours later just after 3 a.m., five people were wounded by gunfire at McGradies Tap & Grill at Victoria Park and Warden Ave/s. All victims were treated and are expected to survive. No suspect descriptions were available but police are reviewing surveillance video from the area.

In another shooting late Sunday, one man was pronounced dead after police responded to the Empringham Drive and McLevin Avenue area after receiving multiple reports of gunshots. The scene is minutes away from the backyard shooting but police would not say if the shootings are connected. The victim was not identified pending notification of next-of-kin.

Police said a man was seen fleeing the area in a light-coloured sedan shortly after the shooting. He is described as a male in his mid-twenties wearing a hooded sweatshirt.