Cold Case: Where is Pierre Mercon?

TORONTO [Peter Paul Media] — Then 21-year-old Pierre Mercon, by all accounts, was a normal teenager who disappeared on Halloween night 1996 after a costume party where he was celebrating the completion of a federal job training program. The costume party Mercon was attending was at the Original Six Sports Bar located at 14 Oxford Street in Richmond Hill.

His mother Norma described Pierre as a “house boy not a street boy” and was the last person that spoke to him in the early morning hours of November 1. He had called her from a nearby payphone around 2 a.m. according to police and arranged for her to pick him up at a designated intersection near the bar.

When she arrived, he wasn’t there. The only clue was part his Halloween costume—a camouflage rain poncho—which was found under the table he was sitting at. Norma dropped her son off earlier that night and he was wearing his full Halloween costume consisting of green army fatigues, the camouflage rain poncho, brown work boots and a green wool hat, police said.

“At the time of his disappearance, Pierre was described as white, 5’11” in height and weighing about 220 pounds, with hazel eyes and brown hair. He also has a prominent tattoo of Uruguay on his right shoulder.”

The Toronto Sun reported at the time that at least 200 patrons were in the bar that evening but nobody has come forward with information that could help investigators. As of Monday, Mercon would be 43-years-old having been born on February 27, 1975.

Police confirmed in a news release that foul play is suspected in Mercon’s case and any tips you can offer may break the case wide open. If you have any information that could help the case, you can contact the York Regional Police cold case unit at 1-888-876-5423 or email them at to submit your tip. The case file number is 1996-131333.

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