Steve McNair asleep when killed

NASHVILLE, Tennessee [Peter Paul Media] — The Nashville Police Department released a report Monday detailing the results of their two month investigation into the shooting death of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair and his companion Sahel Kazemi

McNair and Kazemi both died on July 4, 2009.

The report confirmed that Kazemi murdered McNair in cold blood and then killed herself. “No evidence has been developed to the contrary,” Nashville Police said. Both bodies were found in the living room of McNair’s rented condo in downtown Nashville.

McNair’s close friend, Carless Wayne Neely, found the bodies after entering the condo just after 12:30 p.m. Upon entering the home, Neely said he walked by the bodies. “Neely advised that he thought they were both asleep and walked past them to the kitchen.”

After getting a beer from the fridge, he returned to the living room and “observed blood on the victims and noticed two spent shell casings on the floor.” Neely told police he couldn’t recognize McNair when he originally discovered the bodies.

After exiting the condo, Neely immediately phoned McNair’s cell phone and left several text messages, none of which were replied too. He then contacted McNair‘s college buddy, Robert Gaddy, and asked him to come over to the condo. When Gaddy arrived, both men re-entered the condo where Gaddy identified McNair almost immediately, both men ran outside and called 911.

McNair was “likely asleep” when Kazemi opened fire, Nashville Police said, citing a lack of defensive wounds or posture when authorities arrived on the scene. McNair suffered two gunshot wounds to the head and two to the chest. McNair’s blood alcohol level at the time of his death was 0.15%, “nearly double the standard for legal intoxication.”

Kazemi, who situated herself beside McNair’s body in such a way that she would fall onto McNair’s lap after committing suicide, had one gunshot wound the right side of her head.

When police examined her body on the floor in front of the sofa, they discovered that she fell onto McNair’s chest after committing suicide. She later slid down McNair’s legs onto the floor, blood stains at the crime scene showed.

The weapon, a Bryco Arms-Jennings nine millimetre handgun, was found under Kazemi’s head. An impression outline on the carpet, created by the pooling of blood, indicated that “neither the gun nor Kazemi’s body were moved prior to the arrival of authorities,” the report said.

Associates of Kazemi said she wasn’t her usual self in the days leading up to her death as she struggled with her finances. She told her shift manager that her “life is just shit and I should end it,” one day before her death.

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