Toronto school first in the world to switch to all digital textbooks

TORONTO [Peter Paul Media] — Blyth Acadamy, the operator of three high school campuses in Toronto, has become the first high school in the world to begin the transition from printed to digital textbooks.

Each student will be provided with a Sony Reader Digital Book packed with course textbooks, assignments, timetables, reference materials, and background reading for each of their classes.

“I have all my textbooks and class material on it – it’s really cool. I feel like somebody just personalized school to fit me,” Michael Tyrrell, a student at Blyth Academy, said Tuesday. Blyth Academy selected the Sony Reader Touch edition for its simplicity and intuitive touch screen navigation.

“We’re excited about how the Sony Reader can enhance a student’s learning experience,” says Tim Algate, Reader Product Manager with Sony Canada. “We’ll be listening to these students, using their feedback to evolve our Reader offering for education,” he added.

The school has already begun to compile a library of digital content from textbook publishers like Pearson Canada. “The digital content we’ve acquired, coupled with the students’ Sony Readers, will dramatically improve student access to textbooks, collateral material, literature and reading in general,” said Sam Blyth, Chair of the Blyth Academy.

“Our student survey shows that they are twice as likely to read a book available in an e-book format as in hard copy form,” he added.

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