Key figures from the disaster in Haiti

[Peter Paul Media] — Following are key figures from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, following a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake on January 12:

There were 120 survivors pulled from the rubble as of January 20 by international rescue teams, according to U.N. estimates. This figure does not include those pulled out by local residents.

An estimated two to three million people will require food aid for the next six months, Emergency Relief Coordinator John Holmes said Wednesday.

About 30% of the U.N.’s $575 million dollar flash appeal has been received in the form of pledges and contributions from international partners.

There are 13 Canadians confirmed dead in Haiti and another 357 unaccounted for in the country, Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon said Thursday.

So far, 175 Canadians are taking refuge at the Canadian embassy in Port-au-Prince, an increase from yesterday when that number was 56.

Since January 13, 20 flights have returned 1,765 Canadians back home, the minister said.

A total of 1,818 Canadians have been located safely.

European Union estimates place the death toll at 200,000 people.

U.S. Aid said two to three million people have been directly affected by the earthquakes aftermath.

The World Food Programme has delivered over 1 million food rations.

Canada has delivered 2,295 blankets, 4,104 buckets with lids, 1,200 hygiene kits, and 3,111 kitchen sets.

There are over 900 Canadian troops currently in Haiti assisting with the relief efforts.

To date, there are 51 Canadian government officials in Haiti in addition to 33 embassy staff, according to Canada’s Foreign Affairs department.

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