Key quotes from the Canada for Haiti telethon

[Peter Paul Media] — Following are excerpts from interviews conducted by Peter Paul Media with attendees of the Canada for Haiti benefit on Friday at CBC HQ:

“The Hour” host George Stroumboulopoulos: Asked how the show went, Stroumboulopoulos said “Very, very well.” His most memorable moment was “When Geddy Lee said ‘come on man, we’re Canadians, we’re good at this kind of thing.’”

“The highlight was Geddy Lee saying that because it kinda summed up the whole night,” Strombo said. “I know that in our era, we get pretty cynical and people think of it as a cliché or kinda bullhit but it wasn‘t tonight. With the NGO‘s we have in place, you know that the money is gonna be put to good use,” he added.

Asked what Canadians should do next, Stroumboulopoulos said “That’s a good question, I don‘t know. Do what you can in anyway you can. Don‘t forget the story. I mean its important that you ask that question to the media too.”

K’Naan [Keinan Abdi Warsame]: “When I was getting on stage, I was putting in my head why I am doing what I am doing and I told my two guys who played the instruments just remember what is going on.”

Asked whats next, K‘Naan said “Wyclef is a close friend, I know he’s there right now, I’ll reach out to him and see what I am needed to do.”

Dragons Den star W. Brett Wilson: “I am very proud to be in a position to be here and ultimately in Haiti.” “I am right now looking at skipping the first half of the Olympics so I can be there with my daughter.”

Asked what kind of work the two would be doing, Wilson said “As long as its safe, useful, we‘ll be there.” “If the government of Canada would let me leave with a bag of cash … it’s the most useful way to distribute money down there.”

Measha Brueggergosman, Canadian performer: Asked what she would tell the people of Haiti, Brueggergosman said “You are not alone. You are being helped.”

Emily Haines of Metric: “I‘ve been evaluating what more I can do in my life to contribute to larger causes that we’re all facing as a species. I was very happy to find out that the first thing starting 2010 is to do something like this.”

Actress Rachel McAdams: “I am not in a position where I can go down and be at ground zero and help, so what I can do is lend my time and lend my money.”“I was saying to my nieces and nephews if you guys give 25 cents, that’s like 50 cents.”

Construction guru Mike Holmes: “This is something I believe in.” On Holmes‘ interest in rebuilding Haiti: “Not right away, they need to get some order down there. Then somebody like me could go down there and help.”

Sprinter Donovan Bailey: “The best asset I have is my time and to lend any helping hand.” “As Canadians, were exceptionally blessed and I think we should think about people who don‘t have anything to eat, have no place to sleep, and have no fresh water.”

UNICEF Chief Nigel Fisher: Asked who this benefit was for, Fisher said “The children.” “Today its water to keep kids alive and then its about family unification, protecting kids from abuse and trafficking,” said Fisher on the main priorities of UNICEF in Haiti. “I think we should all work together to help get the kids through this and help them have a better tomorrow.”

In terms of donations “the biggest support we‘ve had is on Facebook.” Fisher added that it would take “years” for Haiti to recover from the earthquake.

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