Police identify Connecticut shooter as Adam Lanza

[Peter Paul Media] — Police have identified 20-year-old Adam Lanza as the gunman who killed 26 people in Friday’s shooting massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, authorities said Sunday.

Police identified another victim as Nancy Lanza — described in multiple media reports as the shooter’s mother. She suffered multiple gunshot wounds at a residence at 36 Yogananda Street in Newtown police said.

“The Office of The Chief State’s Medical Examiner completed the post mortem examination of the last two deceased in the Newtown school shooting incident,” Connecticut State Police said in a news release.

Both deaths are being treated as homicides.

It is alleged that the shooter killed his mother by shooting her four times in the head, stole the weapons she had stored in her home and then entered the school forcibly and opened fire on mostly innocent children.

Police on Sunday revealed that hundreds of bullets and 30-round magazines were found at the school where the shooter opened fire.

Four weapons were being investigated, Lt. J. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police said. The shooter committed suicide as first responders entered the school, he added.


Authorities warned Sunday that those that posting misinformation about the shooting online may be breaking the law. Further, they warned that threats towards the victims, their families or witnesses would not be tolerated.

“Anyone who harasses or threatens the victims, victims’ families or witnesses of these horrific crimes, or who, in any manner interferes with the ongoing state or federal investigations will be referred for state and/or federal prosecution to the fullest extent permitted by law,” a news release relating to the shooting said.

“Harassment not only includes in-person contact, but also contact via the internet, social media, and telephone.”

“Social media includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and MySpace.  Harassment or interfering includes, but is not limited to, making claims of your involvement in the crime or making claims that hinder the advancement of the investigation.”

Following is the complete list of victims as released by Connecticut State Police followed by their date of birth:

∙ Charlotte Bacon: 02/22/06
∙ Daniel Barden: 09/25/05
∙ Rachel DaVino: 07/17/83
∙ Olivia Engel: 07/18/06
∙ Josephine Gay: 12/11/05
∙ Ana M. Marquez-Greene: 04/04/06
∙ Dylan Hockley: 03/08/06
∙ Dawn Hochsprung: 06/28/65
∙ Madeleine F. Hsu: 07/10/06
∙ Catherine V. Hubbard: 06/08/06
∙ Chase Kowalski: 10/31/05
∙ Jesse Lewis: 06/30/06
∙ James Mattioli: 03/22/06
∙ Grace McDonnell: 11/04/05
∙ Anne Marie Murphy: 07/25/60
∙ Emilie Parker: 05/12/06
∙ Jack Pinto: 05/06/06
∙ Noah Pozner: 11/20/06
∙ Caroline Previdi: 09/07/06
∙ Jessica Rekos: 05/10/06
∙ Avielle Richman: 10/17/06
∙ Lauren Russeau: 06/82
∙ Mary Sherlach: 02/11/56
∙ Victoria Soto: 01/04/85
∙ Benjamin Wheeler: 09/12/06
∙ Allison N. Wyatt: 07/03/06

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