Two more food vendors closed at CNE, affected vendor reopened

TORONTO [Peter Paul Media] — Toronto Public Health [TPH] updated their investigation on Tuesday into a food-borne illness last week while the Canadian National Exhibition shut down two food vendors for safety infractions.

“On Tuesday, August 27, 2013, the CNE and TPH closed down two food booths both operated by Innovated Restaurant Group in the CNE Food Building: Bourbon Street Grill and Bao 360 Shanghai Express,” the CNE said on its website.

The booths were in violation of CNE Contract Rules and Regulations and both will be remained closed for the entire fair, the CNE said.

Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David McKeown, revealed additional lab results Tuesday saying that maple bacon jam—a key ingredient in Epic Burgers’ cronut burger was the cause of the illness of over 150 people last week.

“New lab results indicate that the maple bacon jam, which is one component of the cronut burger, is the cause of food-borne illnesses at the CNE,” said Dr. McKeown. “We have ensured the contaminated product is not served. There is no risk to the public.”

Epic Burgers reopened their doors Tuesday and removed the cronut burger from their menu. The company has since cut all ties to the identified supplier of their maple bacon jam, Le Dolci.

“The jam was used as a topping solely on one of our menu items, the Cronut burger,” the company said on its Facebook page. “As a result of this finding Epic Burgers and Waffles have decided to remove the Cronut Burger from our menu and we will no longer do business with the aforementioned supplier.”

TPH is investigating the supplier, identified as Le Dolci: “TPH’s investigation is focusing on the supplier of the bacon jam, Le Dolci, to determine how the contamination occurred. Le Dolci has voluntarily ceased production of this product.”

As of 8 a.m. Tuesday, TPH had received 223 reports from patrons suffering gastrointestinal symptoms after consuming food at the CNE between August 16 and August 20.

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