EgyptAir wreckage still not located: Airline

[Peter Paul Media] — The wreckage of EgyptAir flight MS804 has not been located, the carrier said in a statement Thursday.

The statement went on to say that the airline has contacted authorities after several news channels reported the discovery of wreckage in the Mediterranean Sea, where the missing plane was last tracked early Thursday.

The information turned out to be untrue and officials “did not confirm the validity of the information posted,” the statement read.

In an earlier statement, EgyptAir denied “misleading” information in the media on the cause of the crash, adding that it was too early to determine why the plane went down.

“EgyptAir denies all misleading information published by news websites and on the social media channels regarding the reasons of the disappearance of EgyptAir flight MS804,” the statement read. “The company confirms that the reason of (the) disappearance hasn’t been yet confirmed.”

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