Luciano’s CNE performance was one for the ages

CNE BANDSHELL [Peter Paul Media] — Reggae staple Luciano–born Jepther Washington McClymont on October 20, 1964–gave a heartfelt performance in front of hundreds of adoring fans Wednesday, performing classics like Sweep Over My Soul and Give Praise.

He entered the stage minutes before 9 p.m. with echoes of his baritone voice bouncing around a fully packed bandshell park and even further as the crowd roared in approval.

The Messenjah would go on to perform for almost two hours in front of hundreds of people of all ages and cultures, even putting in a little extra by performing for over one hour past his scheduled time.

Dressed in a sleek, two-piece tan suit with matching shirt and striped tie, he dazzled the crowd with his dancing skills. “Amazing performance but watch his footwork,” a nearby patron said, referring to Luciano’s numerous maneuvers on stage during his amazing and lengthy performance.

Earlier this summer, original I Threes member Judy Mowatt made a point at Jambana 2016 that despite technological advances, we have yet to master how to live and love together.

“One thing we are not advanced in is loving your brothers and sisters,” she said during her performance on August 3.

Luciano echoed this sentiment on Wednesday and, in sermon-like delivery, urged those in attendance to spread love and stay positive. His performance was just as high profile as his 2015 concert at Nathan Phillips Square during the Pan American Games, drawing big crowds and even an encore performance.

Toronto-native Jay Douglas, himself a reggae staple marking over 45 years as an artist, opened for Luciano, who later remarked during his performance that it was trailblazers like Douglas that have brought reggae to where it is today.


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